Don't Let Rotting Trees Ruin Your Yard

We offer reliable tree removal service in Tucson, AZ and nearby areas

Attempting to handle an overgrown or rotting tree on your own can be a dangerous task. Luckily, when you need help, Valenz Landscaping is only a quick phone call away. We provide tree removal services in the Tucson, AZ area. Whether your overgrown tree has become a hazard or you simply want to alter your landscape, we can help. We also provide storm cleanup and emergency tree removal services.

When the job is done, we'll haul away the tree or chop it into firewood. Call 520-528-7298 whenever you need our emergency tree removal services.

The advantages of hiring professionals

The advantages of hiring professionals

It's risky to try removing a tree without the proper knowledge and experience. Hiring our experts to take care of your tree removal project can help you:

  • Prevent damage to your home and property
  • Save money on renting or purchasing equipment
  • Keep your property looking its best and enhance your curb appeal
We can safely work on trees up to 22 feet tall. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of hiring our pros.