The Possibilities of Pavers Are Endless

We offer hardscaping services in the Tucson, AZ area

When you're ready to take your outdoor space to the next level, turn to the pros at Valenz Landscaping for hardscaping services. We provide top-notch hardscaping and paver installation services in Tucson, AZ and nearby areas. Our paver designs can be fully customized to your style since there are endless shapes, colors and patterns to choose from. Pavers are terrific for enhancing outdoor living areas and outlining turf.

We also use pavers to create beautiful walkways and driveways. Our projects are quick - they're usually completed in four to six days depending on the size and complexity of the job. Call 520-528-7298 now to schedule paver installation services.

How does the process work?

How does the process work?

The first step is to decide whether you'd like the area we're working on to be leveled. If so, we can take care of that before beginning the paver installation. After leveling, our pros will:

  • Put down a layer of granite or sand
  • Pack the granite or sand down to three inches
  • Lay down the pavers, then pour fine sand on top
  • Use a broom to spread the sand, then spray the surface with water
Reach out to us today to for more information about our paver installation services.

We also install turf

Using turf grass is an easy way to boost your curb appeal and increase your property value. Turf is also great because it doesn't require a lot of maintenance and the lengths and shapes can be completely customized. Our process is quick and efficient. After we lay down the turf, we install seven-inch nails to ensure the turf is secure. There are also warranties available for your peace of mind.

Contact us today to schedule turf grass or hardscaping services.